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Arkansas approves alternative Medicaid Expansion Plan

arkansas medicaid expansion alternative

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas state legislators have come to a decision and approved an alternative plan of using federal money to purchase private insurance for low-income residents.

Gov. Mike Beebe backed the “private-option” plan along with support from the Republicans who control the Legislature. Earlier this year the department of Health and  Human services agreed to the plan in principle, and awaited the final decision of the states. As of the time of this article the department of HHS but has not given their final approval of the plan being put in place by the State of Arkansas.

Under this alternative Medicaid Expansion plan, Arkansas will accept the money  provided by the federal government to expand Medicaid, and use these funds to purchase private insurance for an estimated 250,000 low-income residents. The plan targets those making less than $15,415 per year, which is within the new Medicaid Expansion Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Additionally various States and Governors such as Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas are evaluating similar approaches.

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