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kentucky medicaid expansion moves forward

Kentucky Medicaid Expansion moves forward


As previously stated Kentucky Governor Beshear plans on supporting the states in its plan to expand Medicaid to an estimated 300,000 low-income state residents. However recently Tea party activist David Adams filed a suit, challenging Beshear’s decision and is attempting to get a judge to provide a temporary injunction to halt the states Medicaid expansion plans. Mr David Adams claims the state; governor included lacks the authority to sign the state up for Medicaid expansion without receiving authorization from the states legislature. In May a judge denied a motion by the Governor to completely dismiss the lawsuits.

Two weeks ago the same judge that would not dismiss the lawsuits, ruled that plans to expand Medicaid in the state of Kentucky as part of the Medicaid Expansion can continue while the court is in the process of considering the challenges from the states tea party.

Judge Phillip Shepherd denied the injunction. The reason being stated; The court  case will be over by October, well enough before the expansion takes effect.

“If the governor prevails on the merits, the injunctive relief granted at this time could cause severe hardship on the many citizens who would be eligible for expanded benefits, and such relief would create havoc for the state officials charged with implementing this policy,” The judge ruled.

Click here to download a copy of Kentucky Medicaid Expansion Fact Sheet


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