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medicaid Expansion illinois

Pat Quinn of Illinois to help enact Medicaid Expansion in Illinois

Medicaid Expansion in Illinois

Illinois has accepted the Medicaid Expansion provision of the Affordable Care Act, In Illinois; there are 700,000 uninsured adults who will be eligible for the Medicaid Expansion program. When the state expanded its Medicaid program, and starts the Medicaid Expansion initiative. 522,000 individuals will be eligible for Medicaid Expansion. 178,000 are currently eligible Medicaid under the states program but are not enrolled.

Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois is expecting the support of the hospital industry and major insurance companies for the Medicaid expansion. As Medicaid Expansion is expected to bring between  $1-2.5 bring billion dollars to the State from the federal government, however there are still states legislator that object in principle to such an expansion of government programs.

There’s hope the Medicaid Expansion issues will be addressed when the legislative session begins Jan. 2 2013. This is before dozen lame-duck lawmakers leave office.Pat Quinn’s administration has signed up for an initial partnership with the federal government to run an insurance exchange .

How many adults will become part of the Illinois Medicaid Expansion program?

When Illinois establishes the Medicaid Expansion program, There will be a range of 631,000 to 912,000 adults who will be eligible and may participate in the Medicaid Expansion program by 2019.

How much will it cost Illinois to enact Medicaid Expansion ?

It is estimated that Illinois will spend in the range of $1.2 billion to $2.5 billion to cover the additional adults that are part of the Medicaid Expansion program during the first six years of the expansion. The federal government will cover 100% of the cost of the additional enrolls until 2016, and 90% thereafter, costing the state of Illinois to spend just 1.6% to 3.3% more than what Illinois would spent without Medicaid Expansion within that same time frame.


State Centers for Medicaid

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