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Medicaid Expansion: All or Nothing

The Secretary of HHS provided specific insight on States request for partial Medicaid Expansion. Following months of consideration and thought, Barack Obamas office, and department of HHS delivered its decision regarding states Medicaid Expansion, as part of a series of questions and answers for the states regarding Medicaid expansions and setting up private insurance exchange

The Affordable Care Act, as passed by Congress in 2010, and upheld by the Supreme Court on June 29, 2012 based its goals of increased healthcare coverage through Medicaid Expansion  aiming to provide everyone including low-income person with health insurance starting in 2014.

In 2014 about about 17 million Americans who do not currently qualify for Medicaid mostly single healthy adults, that are within the poverty level who can not afford Health Insurance,  (incomes up to 133 percent of poverty, or about $15,000 a year) — would gain access to Medicaid.

The letter states “Congress directed that the enhanced matching rate be used to expand coverage to 133 percent” of the federal poverty level, says the document. “The law does not provide for a phased-in or partial expansion.”

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