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medicaid Expansion New Hampshire

Democratic Gov.-elect Maggie Hassan campaigned in support of Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire

Medicaid Expansion Wanted New Hampshire

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan wants to wants to accept the Medicaid Expansion provision of the Affordable Care Act, In New Hampshire; there are 113,000 uninsured adults who will be eligible for the Medicaid Expansion program. When the state expanded its Medicaid program, and starts the Medicaid Expansion initiative. 58,000 individuals will be eligible for Medicaid Expansion. 22,000 are currently eligible Medicaid under the states program but are not enrolled.

The New Hampshire State Legislature, hired an agency The Lewin Group  to provide an analysis detailing the pros and cons of expanding Medicaid in New Hampshire before a decision was made. It was concluded that while New Hampshire could save an estimated 115 Million dollars by not expanding, it would also hinder the states healthcare providers, and residents from $2.5 Billion dollars in federal aid over the next six years.

How many adults in New Hampshire will become part of the Medicaid Expansion program ?

If New Hampshire establishes the Medicaid Expansion program, there will be a range of 56,000 to 77,000 adults who will be eligible and may participate in the Medicaid Expansion program by 2019.

How much will it cost New Hampshire to partake in the Medicaid Expansion program?

It is estimated that New Hampshire will spend in the range of $63 Million to  $117 Million to cover the additional adults that are part of the Medicaid Expansion program during the first three years of the expansion. As of June the number was estimated at $115 Million according to a study done by The Lewin Group. The federal government will cover 100% of the cost of the additional enrollees, thus  causing the state of New Hampshire to spend just 1.1% to 2.1% more than what New Hampshire would spend without Medicaid Expansion within that same time frame.

State Centers for Medicaid

Need Application Forms, or information on your states Medicaid Application guideline. Please visit our State Centers for Medicaid Page with links to Applications, and Contact information for specific states.


New Hampshire Medicaid Expansion Media


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  1. Jaclyn Stickney January 9, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    Is this true? I do not see any other information that NH has accepted the expansion? Actually, I see reports that they are still discussing phase 2 analysis, it appears as though a decision had not yet been made.

  2. Roger H. LeHoullier October 5, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    New Hampshire and Maine were noted in the news as the two New England states not accepting Medicaid expansion. They need to update the national news that we are not like Maine or the South in rejecting Medicaid expansion.l

  3. Bryan Bogus January 8, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    I don't know what to believe some say yes and some say no. Which is it???


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