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medicaid Expansion Washington StateMedicaid Expansion in Washington

Washington State has accepted the Medicaid Expansion provision of the Affordable Care Act, In Washington State; there are 375,000 uninsured adults who will be eligible for the Medicaid Expansion program. When the state expanded its Medicaid program, and starts the Medicaid Expansion initiative. 308,000 individuals will be eligible for Medicaid Expansion. 66,000 are currently eligible for Medicaid under the states program but are not enrolled.

Number of adults to participate in Medicaid Expansion in Washington?

When Washington State establishes the Medicaid Expansion program, there will be a range of 296,000 to 396,000 adults who will be eligible and may participate in the Medicaid Expansion program by 2019.

How much will it cost Washington for the Medicaid Expansion program?

It is estimated that Washington State will spend in the range of $380 Million to $567, through Medicaid expansion to 2019  The federal government will cover 100% of the cost of the additional enrollees for the first three years. Thus causing the state of Washington to spend just 1.2 % to 1.8% more than what Washington would spend without Medicaid Expansion within that same time frame.

State Centers for Medicaid

Need Application Forms, or information on your states Medicaid Application guideline. Please visit our State Centers for Medicaid Page with links to Applications, and Contact information for specific states.


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