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New Hampshire Medicaid Decision

New Hampshire Medicaid Expansion decision expected in October

On July 30th  Medicaid Expansion Study commission of New Hampshire sat down to listen to a presentation from the New Hampshire Insurance Department. The information was predominantly seen to receive a positive review. The New Hampshire Medicaid Expansion Study Commission is the state body ruled with the tasking of deciding if the State of New Hampshire should expand its Medicaid requirements as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act commonly referred to as Obamacare.

As part of the presentation the Insurance Department officials express their views to the nine-member group, stating how expanding Medicaid to the state will be beneficial to various groups, including insurance companies, hospitals and many employers with low-paid workers.

The commission is holding hearings throughout the summer, with a final report due October 15th. Unfortunately with the decision months away many low income residents of New Hampshire which stands to gain from the New Hampshire Medicaid Expansion roll-out will not know until after open enrollment begin for the Health Insurance Market place whether the state will expand Medicaid.

The New Hampshire state Legislature has been sharply divided over the issue on party lines, similar to most other states that are currently choosing not to expand Medicaid. It is a very common theme in many states with Republicans challenging expansion and Democrats favoring it.


The Lewin group previous completed a report on the Impact of Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire







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