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New Hampshire Medicaid Expansion

New Hampshire Medicaid Expansion a No-GO

This week the New Hampshire State house passed a bill to expand Medicaid in the States as part of the Medicaid Expansion Provision of the Affordable Care Act. However the Senate republicans killed the bill Thursday in addition to another bill that was presented by the Senate democrats. Expanding Medicaid in New Hampshire will provide health care coverage to an estimated 49,000 New Hampshire adults who are living below the federal poverty level.

Democrat House Speaker T. Norelli stated the house will continue to fight the Medicaid Expansion fight, but also realized that nothing would be accomplish in 2013 with regards to Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire. Norelli stated that New Hampshire shouldn’t forget the 49,000 people who suffer and will continue to suffer due to the failed attempt to expand Medicaid for the state of New Hampshire.

In review the Key hurdle that was believe to be the source of the failed compromise was when to use the marketplace to purchase private health coverage. The Republican-led Senate wants to implement a private option sooner than Democratic Gov M. Hassan and the Democrats in the state felt was practical to give additional insurers time to join the sole insurer on the marketplace.

Both sides expressed disappointment with the outcome.

As a small sign of hope Senate Republican Leader Jeb Bradley¬†stated that senators should work on a bipartisan plan using the Senate Democrats’ idea as a framework to start from.

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