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Texan vs Perry on Medicaid

The fight amongst Texans and a governor who adamantly opposed the expansion of Medicaid and anything Obamacare related continued this week. According to the Texastribune.

Rick perry heckled

Around a dozen or so individuals repeatedly heckled and interrupted Gov. Rick Perry while he was delivering a speech Wednesday at a Hilton hotel in downtown Austin. The dozen or so protesters infiltrated the Hilton, and started heckling the Governor from the beginning of his speech and through various points during it, There where bout where specific hecklers would interrupt the governor, and throughout about six or so individuals stood up and chanted both in English and Spanish.

This interruption was part of an orchestrated as a demonstration against governor Rick Perry who has refused to expand Medicaid; this is following a march in Austin Texas several months ago. The dozen or so hecklers stood up during Perry’s speech at a small-business forum to challenge the governor’s rejection of the federal expansion of Medicaid. Perry remained calm during the repeated interruptions.

  • A heckler called on Perry to “expand Texas health care,”  Perry responded with “Expand Texas health care… I’ve got that down,” Perry said.
  • A second heckler interrupted Perry; this time the governors respond was more stern, stating “ I’m going to ask you to sit down,”

Eventually Governor Perry offered to debate the hecklers at a later time.

In addition to hecklers and protesters inside the Hilton, there were several protesters outside the hotel, holding signs and chanting slogans such as “Open for business, not for health care.”


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