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Texas Medicaid Expansion Protest

A day following a closed door voting session by the Texas House, a group of 1000 protesters decided to also make their voices heard by protesting outside the States capital. The protesters main goal was to have Republican governor Rick Perry reverse his position to turn down Medicaid expansion in Texas, a key part of Obamacare. Governor Rick Perry has continually express his lack of interest in participating in anything related to the Affordable Care Act. Governor Rick Perry until recently was in alignment with various GOP Governors, but that changed recently as various GOP Governors Christies, Brewer, and Scott of Florida whom all said no to Medicaid expansion have now reverse their position to expand Medicaid coverage.

texas medicaid expansion
Texas is currently the number one state in the US with uninsured residents. 24% of the population currently lacks any kind of health care coverage. The expansion of Medicaid is estimated to cover at least 1 Million Texans, and bring in billions of federal funding.

Governor Rick Perry has continually stated he has no plan to expand Medicaid in Texas. The Governor has been adamantly opposed to the Affordable Care Act since its inception. While Gov. Perry opposes the law, several counties and cities in Texas have started passing resolutions seeking Medicaid expansion within the state. Currently the lists of cities and counties include Austin, Waco, Dallas, Forth Worth, San Antonio to name a few. The Texas Medical association with its 47,000 members compromised of students and physicians has also requested that state leaders expand the Medicaid program. There are now consistent and growing request from many residents and businesses to have Medicaid expansion in Texas.

At this point the probability of the Governor, and his opponents reaching an amicable comprise is still unclear. Since the House have already voted down the Medicaid Expansion provision, and the Senate has asked to postpone the vote. It still to be determined if the Governor and the state legislature will expand Medicaid or leave it as is.

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  1. Ajay Jain March 29, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    Hello Friends,

    Governor Rick Perry millions of under-privileged poor Texans who do not have any Health Coverage will be covered under The Affordable Care ACT (ACA) expansion of MEDICAID!

    My Physician wife's practice is partly dependent on MEDICAID and its viability.
    Please allow the expansion of MEDICAID to occur in Texas under The Affordable Care ACT. If states choose to expand Medicaid, the federal government will cover 100 percent of the costs from 2014 to 2016. The feds' contribution will begin to decrease in 2017, but will never be less than 90 percent, under the ACA.
    That's why I created a petition to Governor Rick Perry, Texas Governor, The Texas State House, The Texas State Senate, and Governor Rick Perry, which says:
    "Please ACCEPT the FREE EXPANSION of MEDICAID under The Affordable Care ACT."

    Will you sign this petition? Click here:


    Ajay Jain
    Twitter Handle ajain31.
    Mobile: 214-207-9781


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